Lost Shadows

December 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2006, Schöneweide, Berlin:
Three days of sound, video and installation art at Factory-Berlin

Live Performances

Live Performances

Live Performances

-Friday- Starts 20:00

Bob Rutman - inventor of the Steel Cello, Bow Chimes and Buzz Chimes

Sciss - A sneak preview of "command, control, communications" (an installation to be premiered in spring 2007), zapping through decontextualized movie trailers. Video concept by Cem Akkan.

OstEar - from the belly of the shadows, immoral soundscapes

The Quiet Club - A duo performing with a wide mixture of sound sources ranging from circuit bending ,homemade instruments, amplified textures ,stones, Theremins, samplers and various other electronic devices.
Mick O Shea and Danny Mc Carthy

Tourette - hands, shadows, harsh noise......

Ezdac - Manipulated noises from inside computer are amplified for your listening pleasure.

The Elektrokami - a self-didactic music for electric ghosts and other digital spectres.

DJs kawaii and paul p.

-Saturday- Starts 20:00

milk milk lemonade - the fantastico magic lantern show Live OverHeadProjector Animation - "let yourself be taken to underground theatre, where it's raw, unique, charming & pretty funny"

Metatonik - live audio-video - reanimating dead objects

Avant Reguard - A noise crash course in counter hegemonic collage, involving software manipulated voice sample and found sound driven subversion.

Script - imagine that your grandmother (her with the interest in electronics) connected weird things to her wheelchair and was driving with it through and around her village.......

Line Destruction - exploring the grey - It would be a lie to say it is not confrontational only to please some of the local citizens. well it is and at the same time its not.

TOB - Frequency modulated radio waves turned nasty. Gnawing at the other frequencies, being steered by self made electronics and its own frequency being force-fed back to itself. Cannibal noise.

Evil Moisture - Gagging on slime and sent back from the School Of Meat Cutting

D.J. L.T. - Experimental beasts


-Sunday- Starts 17:00

Will Huckerby - Making the nost of the noise aaround u

Madara - Borders (reality / dream ; figurative / abstract ; life / death)
Happiness (What sacrifices can we afford for it ? Which devices do we use to reach it ?)
Identity (How can one define his/herself ? What is the function of the Other ?)
Video : Yoann Trellu ; Dance (butoh) : Mayumi Fukuzaki ; Music : Anton Sulak

Session - Improvisational opportunity for all participating artists

Credits - Web: Snoother | Artwork: Arbma | Content: Seamus ....... ............ Impressum/Disclaimer.