Lost Shadows

December 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2006, Schöneweide, Berlin:
Three days of sound, video and installation art at Factory-Berlin


Installationen, Exhibits and Screenings
Open each day from 16:00



"The Wooden Box - A Semiotic Warzone" by Frgmnt
A touch-operated wireless radioactive noisebox. An instrument to be touched by the general public first then later to be played in a performance of TOB.

"98 kg. Liveweight" by Daniel Weiss
Sound installation with one dozen PCs. Each of these modules is written in MS.Basic to connect directly to the internal speaker. The old machines are crying, because the BSR-Recycling-Hof is not so far away. They exhume the sounds of their last lifetime and rumble between their lost minds and some composed arrangements.

"Simplon Str.: Torched Vocal" by Jacqueline Bourke
...wagging tongues, splashed paint, spurted gunk, softly sunk; pepper'd, peeling, pasturised, putrid, panting, pouted, spouted... all the vocal visceral verisimilitude of torched light, lamp lit, love lite, lost shadow'd spunk... an installation of 19.10.2006 simplon str. torched vocal...

"Klangbilder" [work in progress since 2004] by Julius Stahl
The Klangbilder are representing characteristic sounds of specific materials [wood, metals, etc.] as well as the acoustic reflection of their figuration. Depending on the combination of the different objects, a visual and acoustical composition can be experienced in various ways.

"Time stops for no man" by Seamus Fogarty
Dark room, the only light provided by an orchestra of alarm-clocks, clock radios, cuckoo clocks.

"Plakatomania" - Street Art Interventions - by Gosia Hejnat and Paul Prendergast
An audio, video and sculptural intallation, involving live street art poster manipulations, reappropriations and documentation thereof, in an art feedback loop.

"Brain Storming Machine" by VJ Virus
A setup that symbolises society and media, creating an artificial illusion in the space.

"Celestial delusion" - a small room for contemplation. by Marije Baalman - sound, light, electronics
Jared von Hindman - paintings

"Braune Sauce Sinfoni" by Script
Imagine that your grandmother has a special interest in electronics...

"A Gong(66-06) For Mr Beckett (06-06)" by Danny Mc Carthy
The only known recording of Samuel Beckett playing a musical instrument is on a recording entitled “MacGowran Speaking Beckett”on the Claddagh Records label recorded in 1966. On this record Jack MacGowran reads from various Beckett texts including Malone Dies, Watt, Molloy, Endgame etc..The readings are separated by the sound of a gong played by Samuel Beckett. Using this as a basic source of inspiration the artist creates an installation using gong and other sounds associated with Beckett to commemorate the centenary of Beckett’s birth.

"tell me : Can ya sing along!?" by Metatonik
random acts, turn table, metal and continuous movement... video link here

"Shaping Noise" by Peggy Sylopp
visual noises and abstracts, shaped in realtime by the surrounding noises and voices.


"Holiday Series #1 & #2", "Italian Series #1 & #2" and "Uncle"
Five reconstructions on print by Sara Hamming

"Monotonal Abstracted" by Martina Faherty
Etchings and paintings that lurk within the monotonal recesses of an abstracted brain... fighting for a slam of colour for light lost...

"This Caress" - oil paintings by Julie Simoncelli
Function and Identity.

"Fragments of Essence" by Muiriosa Murphy
The dispersion of soul memories, imprints and shadows of you/me in an erosion by moment, time, age and fear... dilution... lost, gathered and returning home in the fragments of essence.

"Jan" by Derek Szteliga
Portrait of a human soul

-Video Art:

"No Subtitle" a grouping of four short films made in China by Metatonik
Lucky number: 100 persons interviewed by us answer to the same question: what is your lucky number?
Body roots: various everyday activities filmed in Beijing's largest park at sunrise.
Lost around bell tower: sound composition using videos filmed near the drum tower in Beijing.
Crowds : images filmed at Tien’anmen Square during national holiday.
all films are composed according to the sounds.

"1500 Doors" by Paul Prendergast
Part 1 of a Berlin trilogy, 1500 Doors utilises an abstract audio visual approach, employing extreme use of motion, colour, repetition and sound in order to examine Berlins urban and social landscape.

"LET" - looped video (4min 7 sec) by Irene Murphy
This is an interaction between the physical and the invisible where the repetative interruption of a sound track on the CD player traps the image reflected in the glass display in a sensory loop.

"Variation" by Yoann Trellu
Variation is a DVD project exploring the relationship between moving images and sound. The DVD contains a selection of 15-20 short videos realized in the last 3 years. Most of them are quite similar to photography : one place, one moment. Each video has several soundtracks by different musicians.

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